Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jack en Poy!

The Street Games Workshop is the hands-down favorite of all the kids who've participated in Paaralang Pinoy's classes.  They get to take off their shoes, scream out, and at the end of all that fun, eat street food.  This year, we served them banana-cue!

The Saling-Pusa kids weren't left out of the fun either.  There were paper balls to use for sipa, tiny shells for sungka, and their own version of Chinese garter.


Tumbang-preso is the kind of game that lends itself to variations.  The kids get into it enough to modify it and come up with their own rules.

The gymnasts in our class were in the air literally, showing us the different ways to go over the elastic stretched across the room.  But Chinese garter required more dainty and accurate feet, to finish the patterns without missing a beat.  

Maybe years from now, when their gadgets' batteries are low and these kids are feeling bored, they might remember that it doesn't require much to have fun.  A 3-yard length of elastic can entertain them as well as any video game.