Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinoy Dancing

What could be more fun than playing and learning at the same time?  At Paaralang Pinoy, we teach the students our folk dances in Workshops held three times a year.  These Workshops provide the students hands-on Pinoy experience, from learning dance steps, experimenting recipes, and creating crafts.

Our teacher-volunteers come from all over the Northern Virginia area, some of whom lead their own cultural groups.  Teacher Ena and Teacher Ninna, parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel led the students in the Carinosa dance.

The students learned a number of dances in the five years of Paaralang Pinoy's existence, including the Pandanggo sa Ilaw (seen above), the Itik-Itik, the Tinikling, and the Bulaklakan.