Friday, March 28, 2014

Game Time!

The kids in our Maglaro Tayo! Workshop were in for a treat with this one: a class where one gets to play!  Thanks to Kuya who served as assistant to Teacher Valerie, they learned the Filipino names for different parts of the face and body.

For the little ones in our Saling-Pusa Station, mommy and daddy helped write the big words: buhok, tainga, and bibig, and remembered the body parts through traditional songs, Sampung mga Daliri and Paa-Tuhod-Balikat-Ulo!

But the big kids learned more than the names for parts of the body.  They got to move those body parts to learn about sipa and tumbang preso, though keeping a regular crocheted hacky sack off the ground seemed much easier than with this straw-covered heavy washer!


The kids had a bit of rest between strenuous games with a game of marbles, called holen.  Those daliri found new skills in them, and a few of the kids were naturals!  We could have moved on to a game of teks after that workout.

But tumbang preso truly captured their interest.  With the help of a few tsinelas, a tin can, and their good pitching arms, the kids learned how to have fun with these simple items just like their counterparts in the home country.

It's summertime in the Philippines right now and many are celebrating their patron saints' feast days with Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan processions.  Most homes are busy with cooking and baking, and doors are wide open for visitors.  At street corners, there are temporary wooden stages for talent shows and performances.  We won't have that here in cold and wet Virginia but through our A Slice of Pinoy workshop series, which ends in April with Mamiyesta Tayo!, a Fiesta Workshop, the kids will learn how the Filipinos prepare to party.

Join us on Sunday, April 27 at OLCG from 3:30-5:00 p.m.  Click on the registration link on the right.

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