Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bahay Kubo

This month, we learned about some of the Chinese and Spanish influences on Filipino culture by way of Bahay Kubo.  After all, singing helped them practice their short vowel sounds and introduced them to words like bawang, sibuyas and kamatis, the basic ingredients of many culinary creations.

There was little bit of history too as we displayed a Maria Clara outfit, common during the Spanish period, and a camisa chino, a shirt revised to fit the weather and needs of the Filipinos then.

In the Saling-pusa Station, our preschoolers continued to learn the rest of Bahay Kubo with a picture book, and color the Philippine flag using their new words: bughaw, pula, dilaw and puti

They also saw our three-part cards: picture cards with the corresponding labels in Filipino, cards with picture only, and cards with Filipino word label only.  They will have these available to play with, and with frequency, should help them remember the Filipino words.

Though we don't have a workshop scheduled in December, Paaralang Pinoy is co-sponsoring a Parol-making workshop on Sunday, November 30 at Our Lady of Good Counsel's De Sales Hall at 2:00 p.m.  Do join us and listen to Filipino carols sung by former students of Paaralang Pinoy as your children create their own parol.

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