Friday, February 14, 2014

Halo-Halo Colors

Can you imagine attending a cooking workshop and learning about colors at the same time?

At Paaralang Pinoy's Magluto Tayo! Workshop, we learned Filipino words for different colors by adding layers of green nata de coco, purple ube, and red beans in a cup to make halo-halo.  Teacher Valerie also prepared white pastillas to roll in sugar, and Teacher Riza cooked multi-colored pichi-pichi to dunk in shredded coconut.  What fun!

 To challenge the gamers, we had dominoes--color dominoes! to test their memories.  Is kahel the color orange to match that picture of an orange fruit?  Is itim the color black to match that picture of a pilgrim's hat?  Hmm...

For our beginning readers and writers, we had worksheets to help them remember their new words.  For the older kids, we even gave them more than one word for some colors: green is berde or lunti, blue is asul or bughaw.  And our beautiful skin color is a nice, long word: kayumanggi.

Learn along with us!  In our next workshop, Maglaro Tayo!, we will play some street games and learn the Filipino words for the parts of the body that skip, run, and tag.  Join us on Sunday, March 16 at OLGC from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.  Register using this link or click on the registration button on the right.

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