Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feast Day Feasting

San Lorenzo Ruiz statue at this year's Mass on his feast day.

Our Fil-Am students learn about Pinoy heroes and famous persons in one of our cultural lessons, one that is different every year that we teach it.  Thanks to the Internet, we are able to show them these Pinoy performers, athletes, and other accomplished personalities in action.

The Paaralang Pinoy table at San Lorenzo Ruiz's feast day reception after the Mass.

The Philippines' two canonized saints are part of that roster.  But celebrating their feast days make the lesson richer and fuller, what with the Mass, salu-salo, and showcase of talents that accompany such celebrations.  We are always happy to display our picture books, sungka boards, and sipa at these events and have more Fil-Am kids interested in their parents' culture.

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